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Jyotish Technology and
the Science of Yagyas

Yagyas neutralize negative
influences and enhance success in life.
Our yagyas are presented by the Vedic Life Foundation directed by Pandit D. S. Dixit. - Comprehensive Price List
Yagya Duration Cost
Planetary, A category 2 week $275
Planetary, B category 1 week $175
Special Intention 21 Day $325
Royal, A category One Month $725
Royal, B category 2 week $375
Royal, C category 1 week $225
Amrit Sanjeevani One Month $1550
Baglamukti One Month $1200
Kanaka Dhara One Month $1150
Maha Chandi 33 Days $1150
Navagraha One Month $1550

Special Services
Compatibility Reading We need both sets of birth data please. $100
Gem recommendation Free with yagya recommendations $40
Muhurta Several dates and times will be suggested. $75
General Reading 1, 3, or 5 year period. Send several questions. $175
Birth Time Rectification A list of questions will be sent to you. $100

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