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Jyotish Services

Jyotish readings give insight into life tendencies.


Ten year, five year, three year, and one year readings are offered. See a typical reading here. A typical reading is about one page of comments on the given time period. $175.

Birthday Yagyas

A 5 day Birthday yagya sets a positive tone for your coming year. See which yagyas are performed for which rising sign here. Birthday yagyas are $155 each.

A Muhurta can be used to determine the best or most auspicious times to begin important activities.

Pandit Dixit offers Muhurtas (best starting times) for marriage, business deals, starting a business, beginning a trip, attempting conception, applying for license, taking tests, moving into house, moving out of house, large purchases, large sales, etc. I remember hearing about Aristotle Onassis and astrology. He said, 'You can become a millionaire without astrology, but if you want to be a billionaire, you need astrology.
The Muhurta provides 3 auspicious times to begin the chosen activity. This choice is provided to make it easier to fit your schedule into the best times to begin. $75

Gem Recommendations

Gems are recommended to enhance and improve the effects of planetary energy. Sun is supported by Ruby, Moon by Pearl, Mercury by Emerald, Venus by Diamond, Mars by red Coral, Jupiter by yellow Sapphire, Saturn by blue Sapphire, Rahu by Hessonite, and Ketu by Gomed. Gem recommendations are included with readings and yagya recommendations if requested.

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