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Royal Yagyas

Royal Yagyas use longer, more complex mantras than the special intention yagyas.

  1. Maha Luxmi - This yagya is for wealth and prosperity. It is a yagya done for people who are currently earning money. It is not a way to get out of debt. If you already have one or more solid streams of income, this yagya tends to enhance the income current. $725.

  2. Business Success Yagya - This yagya is for more and more success and growth of business. We have reports from some clients that this yagya coincides with reorganizations within the business. One client did a series of one month Maha Luxmi's alternating with one month Business Success Yagyas. He stated that the alternating Royal yagyas perfectly complimented each other. The Maha Luxmi brought in more money from more business. The Success in Business yagya made it easy to set up systems in the office to handle more business. $725.

  3. Rudrabhishek - This yagya is for fullness of life. Maharishi said that this was the most powerful of Vedic yagyas for creating bliss, strength, and happiness in life. $725.

  4. Serious Danger - This yagya is for averting serious danger from enemies. $725.

  5. Gayatri - This yagya is the Mother of all Vedic yagyas. According to the Vedic scriptures the Gayatri yagya is the most purifying one. It has capacity to wash off the black spots of bad karma that create life long misfortune in some area or the other of life. This great yagya softens and balances one's karma or destiny. Traditionally, the Gayatri yagya is done for 200% fulfillment and bliss in life – 100% material and 100% spiritual. Many of my clients have done this yagya and experience its auspicious influences. $725.

  6. Maha Mrityunjaya - This is called the "King of Yagyas" for its very blissful effects. This yagya is supremely effective in bringing faster recovery from and preventing serious illness. It has great curative effects. It is a weapon against disease. It is life giving. The Maha Mrityunjaya yagya is done for four kinds of objectives:
    • Mostly it is performed for people in active life. This yagya gives them strength, courage and hope. It balances health and brings them resistance to disease.
    • When someone is seriously sick or injured it is done continuously round the clock to avert danger to life.
    • It is done for a person on their deathbed for a painless, peaceful and smooth passing of the soul and salvation from the cycle of birth and death.
    • It is done for elders to mitigate physical and emotional problems and make their difficulties more bearable. It frees their mind from bondage and worldly entanglements and gives a feeling of renunciation. It prepares them to welcome the final departure from the world with peace and absolute faith in the eternity and immortality of the soul. $725

  7. Ganesha - For the removal of big obstacles. Ganesha is the 'gate keeper' to the world of the Devas. In the same way that one must go through the doorman, front desk, and personal secretary to reach and important administrator, one must appeal to and pay their respects to Ganesh to gain access to the world of the Celestial Beings. This yagya does not just remove obstacles in the manifest world. It has the deeper effect of bringing more of the Transcendant World into our lives. $725

  8. Bhagavad-Gita - Traditionally this yagya is performed for the moksha of the departed ancestor. Moksha means freedom from the bondage of the cycle of birth and death. It is also called the Ancestral Yagya. $725

  9. Maha Chandi - This yagya is devoted to the supreme ruler of relative creation, Maha Durga, and aims at protecting our life from big resistances, deep fixed karmic obligations and troubles in any area of life. Doing this yagya is like filing a petition in the Supreme Court of the Cosmic Government to waive off karmic debts that give us pain, suffering and grief in this life. One month of chanting - $1150

  10. Kanaka Dhara - Some of our US and British clients have been doing the Kanaka Dhara yagya for massive wealth on a regular monthly basis. They are pleased with the results of this super Royal yagya. They were all millionaires and big businessmen before starting this yagya. The Kanaka Dhara yagya is meant for wealthy people who are already favorites of the Force of Nature, Maha Luxmi. One month of chanting $1150

  11. Navagraha - This yagya speaks to all 9 planets. It is helpful when a person is under the negative influences of several planets.
    Some of our clients do the Navagraha yagya to counteract the negative influences of the planets that are unfavorable in dashas and transits. Navagraha performances also enhance the positive influences of the planets that are favorable in dashas and transits. $1550.

Most Royal yagyas may be done at one of three levels,

  • A level - one month of chanting, 140,000 repetitions of the mantra. $725
  • B level - two weeks of chanting, 70,000 repetitions of the mantra. $375
  • C level - one week of chanting, 35,000 repetitions of the mantra. $225
You may access a comprehensive yagya price list here

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