More repetitions bring greater support of Nature.

Each Planetary Yagya may be performed at "A" or "B" level. At "A" level, the mantra is repeated 110,000 times and "B" level, the mantra is repeated 55,000 times. In most cases, 'A' level performances are recommended.

One pandit can at the most repeat the planetary mantra 10,000 times each day. Pandit Dixit allows his pandits to repeat a planetary mantra 7,000 times each day so that the yagya may progress smoothly and evenly.

Therefore, 'A' level yagyas require the attention of an individual pandit approximately 14 to 16 days. 'B' level yagyas require about 7 to 8 days. Most individual yagyas are performed by one pandit for one client. For example, a 'B' level Rahu yagya would be performed by the pandit for about 8 days on behalf of a single client. It is possible that several pandits may chant a client's yagya for a much shorter time during one day. This could occur if the original pandit had to leave to attend to some family emergency.

A Muhurta (an astrological chart that indicates the best time to start something) is cast prior to the beginning of the chanting. One and sometimes more pandits will start the yagya at this most auspicious moment. The pandits start their daily chanting of yagyas around 9 am in Kanpur, India. Each pandit devotes nearly 8 hours per day to chanting the yagya mantras.

Each pandit makes a sankalpa (a sacred purpose or intention) with the yajman (applicant for the yagya). Essentially, the pandit promises to chant your yagya until the full number of repetitions of the mantra are completed. He may choose to devote all his daily time to chant one yagya for one person. Other times he may organize his time so that he is chanting different yagyas for different clients shorter periods in the same day. The amount of time a pandit chants your yagya each day depends on the pandit's own schedule. His commitment is to complete the chanting of your yagya in the prescribed time.

In full size Royal Yagyas like the Mahaluxmi, Maha Mrityunjaya, or Gayatri, specific mantras are repeated 140,000 times. This is 5,000 times each day by one pandit because they are large mantras. Often, more than one pandit is assigned to the performance of these yagyas. The Maha Mrityunjaya yagya is performed around the clock when someone is seriously sick or injured.


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